Los Ganadores del 2016

La Espera Terminó: Encuentre la Lista de Ganadores Abajo

``Estrella`` Award Recipients:

12 exceptional individuals and organizations who are going the extra mile to serve the Latino community in Delaware has been selected through a peer-nomination process. After extensive review by our awards committee, the winners will be informed during early March and invited to the award ceremony in order to receive this prestigious recognition. “Estrella” award winners will be announced to the public during the event and will be highlighted on the special award publication. 

Governor Jack Markell-

For increasing opportunities for the Latino

community in the state of Delaware. Learn more: HERE


Jennifer Cohan-For her leadership and initiatives that resulted in improved access for HispanicDelawareans to services and resources offered by the DE Department of Transportation.

Learn more: HERE


Brother Chris Posch- 

For his pastoral

presence and

spiritual legacy

in our local

Hispanic community.

Learn More:HERE


Dr. Christine Cannon- For her support and dedication to non-profit initiatives and programs aimed to increase the quality of life of the Latino immigrant community

Learn More:HERE

Nancy Lemus-

For advocating for better healthcare services for people with
disabilities and their families.

Learn more: HERE


Maria Matos -For her initiatives and leadership in the promotion of educational opportunities for Latino children, youth, and adults, and for volunteer work at AARP and other important organizations.

Learn more: HERE

Brian Legum- 

For his exceptional bilingual

legal advice and education to the

Hispanic Community in the areas of

workers’ compensation and

personal injury.

Learn More:HERE


Jorge Toledo-

For his outstanding work as an event planner that

resulted in the promotion of the Latino culture in our


Learn More:HERE

Elder Ayala-

For his innovative product

“TaxMee” which helps people

maximize their tax preparation services.

Learn more: HERE


Javier Torrijos –

For his extraordinary leadership at the Delaware Hispanic  Commission and his dedication to improving the life prospects of Hispanic Delawareans.

Learn more: HERE

AB+C  – 

For the development of culturally and linguistically

competent marketing and communications campaigns

which had a great positive impact on our local Latino community.

Learn More:HERE


Gabriel Pilonieta –

For his journalistic contributions to the

Latino community in Delaware.

Learn More:HERE

Small Business and Services Awards: